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As I have been investigating and researching the various options for BSchool I have found myself inundated with information, perspectives, opinions and banter. I like to think that I have done my due diligence about probing the right people, asking the right questions and trying to remain unbiased. However, it has been a rather challenging exercise because some concerns keep vexing me with seemingly no resolution in sight.


Many of my fellow applicants have made up their minds and have enunciated their target schools via their blogs. I have read some of their accounts of the soul searching they did and the angst they experienced while trying to determine the right complement of choices. Some of the oft used criteria include;


  • Fit
  • Length of program
  • Geographic location
  • Competitiveness
  • Expertise in desired specialty
  • Placement results in desired field
  • School characteristics (alpha male, collaborative, etc)


I have utilized some of the above myself while attempting to define my choices. However I have struggled to do settle on those choices and we already well into July. Not that I am getting nervous or feeling that I will run out of time, but the sheer fact that I have been unable to nail down the choices despite a solid 2 months of research alludes you to some more deep seated issues. Namely;


  • Is this the right time for me to do this?
  • What is the impact on my marriage and my wife’s career?
  • Am I feeling less than capable of competing with the tremendously deep applicant pool?


As can be seen from some of these questions, they are elemental in nature and require some more introspection for me. If nothing comes of this whole exercise for me, the sheer amount of time I have spent ‘thinking’ about my interests, desires, ambitions, and intersection of those three oft-disparate notions would have been greatly invaluable.


But I digress, the fundamental question I need to answer by the end of this week is am I applying this cycle and if so, what are my target schools?


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