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As I try and accomplish the numerous tasks salient to MBA admissions, I have attempted to collect information,opinions,data, et al from a wide variety of sources. These include blogs, forums, MBA program websites, admissions consultant portals among others.

Well where am I going with this you may ask? How exactly does one deal with the positively endless surfeit of information/garbage out there. Now some of you may also think that I am overstating the problem. After all, isnt a good manager able to distinguish the good from the mediocre, the mediocre from the poor? Well, in my short time researching this topic I find that one has to be highly selective in selecting sources. There is no end of misinformation, poorly thought out analysis, baseless opinions and downright inaccurate punditry floating around.

So a word of caution for all of those conducting research – be very cautious in what sources you trust. If possible do your due diligence in checking purported facts. Alums and trustworthy colleagues strike me as being the best sources. I have found that some blogs are also very useful in serving as a sounding board for ideas. As I uncover these in my research I will be sure to link to them.


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