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I have just finished reading this marvelous book by Ramachandra Guha. I know I should only be focusing my energies on the GMAT, but I find it hard to resist a good book at any time.

Back to the book. This is a marvelous effort which kept me enraptured over the last couple of days. I have not read too many books on cricket’s rich history prior to this. I certainly intend on picking up the slack over the next several months. I am hardly a gifted enough writer to author an appropriate book review for such a lucidly written and thought provoking history. But if people are interested I am happy to give it an honest attempt over the next couple of days.

For others who may be interested in these subjects (Cricket, India, Cricket History) I point you to Chandrahas Choudhury’s recommendations. In my opinion, his blog is a must read for those interested in meaningful literature and non-fiction, especially for those with interest in Indian subjects (cricket or otherwise!).

If any of you have any other suggestions on great books on cricket history, I would be happy to hear about them.


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