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Retake Scheduled

So I finally got around to scheduling my retake. September 6th it is – plenty of time left. However, it is summer time in Toronto, about the only nice time of the year in the city. I have plenty of distractions including family, social commitments, my parents leaving to go back to India, a move to a condo and some cricket related activities.

So time optimization will be key. Nonetheless, I look forward to the challenge and hope to improve my score by the desired level.


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Retake it is!

So after deliberating over this decision, I have finally decided to retake the GMAT.

The following are my reasons:

1. Time in hand – I have a fair amount of time before Round 1 application deadlines. I reckon that I should make best use of it, and it wont distract me from the other elements of the application.

2. Cant die wondering – I am a fairly competitive guy, and it will eat at me if I dont give this another shot to see whether I can improve significantly. I believe that a 40-50 point jump is achievable.

3. Tangible areas of improvement – I have been able to zero in on the areas I need to improve upon. I think this was a critical input into my decision. The flip side is that I am going to have to learn grammar, number properties and complex math. No more relying on my ear for SC or figuring it out on the fly for complex math. Practice, practice … and more practice. I can safely say goodbye to the first few summer months in Toronto. Alright I dont want to talk about this anymore …. grrr.

A big thanks to all those who provided their perspectives and thoughts as I was trying to determine which path to take.

PS – I just got my official report today and I was pleasantly surprised to see a 6.0 on the AWA section.

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GMAT:To redo or not?

As I have been belabouring over whether or not to retake the GMAT, I thought that I would enunciate the varying viewpoints I have heard.


In the ‘don’t waste your time’ category, I have received the following:


  • Anything above 700 is enough to get you a look in!
  • Your time is better spent nailing the essays
  • Spend the time doing community service or enhance your extra curriculars



In the ‘go for it again’ category, I have received the following:


  • You are in a highly competitive pool, the higher the better
  • If you feel like you can do better, don’t go down wondering what could have been
  • There is so much time to go prior to applications, why not try again


As can be seen from the range of opinions that my quandary has solicited, it is obvious that there is no ‘right answer’ to this question. I think the following factors need to be evaluated prior making an appropriate decision:


  1. Do you genuinely feel you can do better? i.e. were your prep tests significantly better than your real results? Did something throw you off during the real test?
  2. Do you have better uses of the 100-200 hours it would take to improve upon a 700-720 score? i.e. are the other aspects of your application in no need of significant improvement?
  3. Do you know how to focus your energies in order to improve your score? If you don’t know where the problem areas lie, chances are the same mistakes will be made in a future test.
  4. Can you get enthused about doing this all over again with the requisite amount of vigor and effort?

Please feel free to add your own in the comments, I have been noticing that very few people seem inclined to comment. Here is my ‘active’ solicitation to comment!!!


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G-Day blow by blow

So I went through my first sitting yesterday. I thought I would do a brief recap.


Wake up at usual time (7:30am) and brush up on some last minute stuff while enjoying some slam bang 20/20 cricket courtesy IPL. I just chilled for the most part. I am from the school of thought which thinks, ‘If you dont know it the day of, you arent learning it then’ and consequently I just enjoyed my Saturday morning.


I learn that the TTC is on strike, this after 2 weeks of news suggesting that all was well between the corporation and the bargaining unit. Anyhow, I am able to get to the test center by the scheduled time. They inform me that they are running over time and hence my appointment doesnt begin till 12:10 am.

Start of Test:

The AWA is a breeze, or so I felt. The issues were actually not that boring and consequently I found writing about them unburdensome. I finished both essays with about 3-4 minutes in hand, I wrote at a steady pace and didnt find this section of the exam tiring.

1st Break:

Despite itching to call my better half and find out if the Rajasthan Royals defeated the Bangalore boys I refrained. I have heard of instances where people have been ‘failed’ for using mobile technology in between breaks.

Quantitative Section:

I start off decently, but soon enough I find myself getting stuck. There seem to be some question types/structures I havent seen before. I wasted some time on one of the new ones, and consequently was playing catch up the rest of the test. I felt like I did alright when it was all said and done. However, I could certainly not say with any level of confidence that I would hit anything more than 45.

2nd Break:

Get some water and chat up some of my fellow test takers. Most of them seemed to have breezed through their math, which seemed odd to me. Anyways, I quickly get back to the test center, which requires more security than Canadian immigration!!!


The verbal seemed to flow pretty nicely for me and as usual I finished with about 20 minutes to spare. I found some of the reading comprehension sections pretty tough, the sentence correction were easier than expected. I was hoping to see something north of 42 on it.

Drumroll: Score

So after answering some more questions about myself, my interests blah blah. I get the score:

Q – 47 , 81 percentile

V – 40, 89 percentile

Overall score – 710, 93 percentile


This is exactly the kind of score I was not looking forward to getting. It has left me in a quandary over whether I should do it once over to try and push the overall score to 760+. Anyhow, I am going to do some other things this weekend and figure out early this week whether I am going to give another run.

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