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An Evening with Dr. Kalam

On Thursday, Aprill 17th I had the privilege of meeting Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam. The former President of India (2002-2007) was in town as the Chief Guest for the inaugural awards ceremony at the Canada India Foundation. Dad hosted a reception for him as is the usual protocol.

Now, this is is certainly not the first time I have met a high profile individual. I have met my fair share of┬ápoliticians, movie stars, cricketers, et al. I am far from star struck and have almost never gotten photo’s snapped or asked for autographs. However, there is something immensely charismatic about Dr. Kalam. Consequently, I did get an autographed book (Wings of Fire) and some snaps.

I don’t need to list out Dr. Kalam’s achievements, they can easily be googled, but it suffices to say that he is one of the most important Indian’s post independence. His body of work is awe inspiring and his life a template for others interested in the service of their country.

In a small speech, he enunciated his vision for India which is also available here. What struck me in this small 10 minute repartee were his clearly laid out principles, the clarity of his though albeit very simplistic and lacking nuance, and his ‘mission’ attitude.

I highly recommend that others catch up on his life story, I think you might be similarly inspired.


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