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1 month to go to GMAT:Take 2


 So I have been quite busy over the last several weeks with various activities including farewells for my folks, moving into an apartment in preparation for my folks departure, doing a variety of social things (dinners, festivals, etc, etc) and lending a hand in organizing Panorama India’s Independence Day Parade. If any of you are in Toronto I highly recommend coming to this event. It was a huge success in its inaugural year last year with more than 15,000 people attending. More details can be found at www.PanoramaIndia.ca .


Now back to the MBA ‘stuff’- my re-test is scheduled on 6th September. Although  the fact that I still haven’t opened the books again isn’t encouraging. I am going to start in earnest and see if within the next few weeks I feel prepared enough to do justice to the exam this time around. If not then I might just push it out a little bit more.


As far as the more elemental decisions that I had alluded to in an earlier post. I must confess that I have not given them much more thought, I have had several additional conversations with folks since but feel as though I am getting marginal returns on these efforts and haven’t been persuaded one way or the other.


I probably still have enough time to get some R1 applications in if I make up my mind soon enough. Needless to say, the decision better come soon or else it will be R2, which given the level of competition at most of my target schools will imply very high chances of DINGS.


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